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Hair and Nail Disorders

Hair disorders include a variety of problems, such as dermatitis, psoriasis, infections, hair loss, and excessive hair growth. Just as there are numerous disorders, there are a variety of factors that create or allow for hair disorders. Genetics, hormonal shifts, illnesses, unhealthy dieting habits, and certain drugs may all affect the regular growth of your hair. Because of this, treatments vary from minor alterations in diet or shampoo to prescription medications, topical injections, or even hair transplantation. Your doctor will diagnose your condition by clinically examining hair samples in addition to performing a blood count, thyroid screening, and/or scalp biopsy.

Nail disorders, such as fungal growth, bacterial infections, irregular splitting, or abnormal color or texture, are relatively frequent. This is primarily because your nails are constantly exposed. In addition, they tend to undergo quite a lot of abuse. Tight shoes, bad posture, improper nail filing techniques, poor hygiene, genetics, and allergens can all encourage nail problems. Minor problems like curving nails can have greater consequences if, for example, they lead to infections.

In most cases, the sooner you treat your condition, the better, because you can often avoid infections or more extreme problems. If you notice any changes in the color, shape, texture, or sensitivity of your nails, you can consult your doctor for a treatment regimen. Treatments vary from applying topical ointments and creams to trimming away irregularly shaped nails and surgery in more extreme cases.

If you have questions about either hair or nail disorders, please contact us.